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Best Grasses for High-Traffic Areas

As a sod supplier, we provide a wide range of grass types to help you create the beautiful landscape you desire. Our team works closely with you to ensure you get the grass and sod that is ideal for your specific use, whether that is a stadium, golf course, or commercial property. 

When it comes to choosing grass products for high-traffic areas, there are a few key things to consider. Our sod and turf farm offers a range of products to ensure you get the results you want from your lawn. 

The best types of grass for quality, beautiful lawns include:

  • Bermudagrass 

  • Kentucky bluegrass

  • Tall fescue

As a sod supplier, we encourage our clients to choose the right type of grass for the way they use their property. For example, our Tahoma 31 bermudagrass is an excellent choice in Colorado because it is highly cold-tolerant. It also uses up to 75 percent less water than other types of cold-season grasses. It is plush and beautiful and the type of turf you want for any type of commercial space or stadium.

What High-Traffic Grass Needs

High-quality, high-traffic grass has to be resilient. It needs to be thick enough and strong enough to handle all of the foot traffic it may get. For example, our Colorado Blue is a type of fine turf-quality sod. It is designed to be drought tolerant. It blends Kentucky bluegrass seeds that are specifically designed to handle high-traffic lawns and sports areas. The result is a fine textured lawn that is stunning in terms of beauty and lush as well. As a sod supplier, we may recommend the use of these products when you have an area like a sports field that is going to get a lot of walking throughout the year. This type of grass will bounce back and can handle more difficult climates. 

How We Can Help You

When you turn to Green Valley Turf Company, you get exceptional results. We are a turf and sod supplier that serves Littleton and Platteville, Colorado, as well as the surrounding areas. We specialize in growing and selling a wide range of sod types for homes and commercial venues. Let us do the installation when you are ready to have an impressive lawn that is easy to maintain.

As a sod supplier, we also install sod for you. Our experience is exceptional. We specialize in working with turf for golf courses and sports venues, like the Broncos Stadium. We also sell lawn fertilizer, soil and compost, mulch, and weed control products. 

When you need a sod supplier you can depend on for new turf or grass installation, contact Green Valley Turf Company. Our team is here to answer your questions and green up your lawn.

Where can I buy sod near me in Colorado from the best blue grass turf company?

Where to buy in my area near Littleton, Colorado, from companies or farms with good prices that are installers?​

We’re a seed farm that also does the installation and has other products for sale.​

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The Pros and Cons of Natural vs. Artificial Football Turfs

When it comes to turf for sports, you can go with natural turf (sod, grass) or artificial grass. Finding the right football turf for your school or other facility depends upon several factors, such as seasonal usage, budget, and area size. 

A Look at Natural Turf

Environmentally friendly: Natural sod comes from nature. Even if it’s not native to the area, natural turf will fit right in with the local ecosystem—fewer worries about cost.

Maintenance over replacement: In most instances, natural sod needs maintenance, not replacement. 

The main negative of natural turf is that you have to be around or hire someone to maintain it, and it’s not as easy to manage during rainy seasons. It also uses water during dry times to keep the grass alive.

Artificial Grass Pros and Cons

Initial durability: With artificial grass, you’ll have a more durable type of turf for sports — initially. But over time, it’ll be more expensive to replace.

Higher upfront cost: Artificial turf has a higher upfront cost — as much as 3-4 times per square foot.

Less daily and weekly maintenance: Artificial grass doesn’t require watering, weatherproofing, treatments, or mowing, which can help you save time (or money spent on labor costs). 

Durable but semi-permanent: Once you switch to artificial turf, you’re stuck with the choice unless you’re ready to make a very expensive change. Artificial turf is expensive to replace.

Uneven costs: The costs of artificial turf maintenance are uneven. It’s expensive to install and costs less than natural sod to maintain.

Regardless of what option you choose, you’ll want to find a durable brand of turf for sports. GVT provides three sturdy brands: Colorado Blue, RTF Water Saver, and Tahoma 31.

We’re a sod and seed farm company in Denver, Colorado, offering turf installation for golf and sports fields.

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Quality golf course Kentucky blue grass for sale around Denver, Colorado.

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Roggen, Colorado

Roggen, Colorado, is a small, unincorporated area in Weld County in the United States. This is a rural area with a population of about 525 people who have homes, apartments, and other properties in the area. Much of the area is used for farming. In the post office zip code 80652, you will find very limited overall residential development in terms of homes or hotels. Still, you will find some beautiful landscapes and exceptional real estate opportunities. 

There are a few key things to learn about Roggen in this area of Colorado. First, it is just off I-76, which provides direct access for people who call this area home to get into Denver. Denver is the closest large city and is about a mile away towards the southwest. Roggen is also about an hour from Fort Collins, which is more toward the northwest. The city is only a short drive from the Empire Reservoir. 

Rogen, Colorado, offers moderate weather for those who live here. Weld County is noted for its cold winters, and like many other cities around it, the city of Roggen has warm, comfortable summers. As a major city in Weld County, Roggen has much to offer those who call it home. Homes here are in a competitive real estate market, and Roggen’s personal quality of life is generally good.