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How Much Grass Do I Need?

If you live in the local area, you might be wondering how much grass you need. If you want your property values to remain high, you have to take care of your house. This includes the outdoors. If you take care of your grass, the rest of your commercial or residential property will look beautiful as well, but how much grass do you actually need? Learn more about how to calculate and measure for sod below.

Make a Sketch of Your Property

The first thing you should do is to make a sketch of your property. This is particularly important if your yard is irregularly shaped. If there are a bunch of small areas in your backyard, you need to sketch these properly.

When you look at your yard, try to divide it into as many squares and rectangles as possible. Then, you should measure each area in feet. Make sure to write the measurements on each leg of the squares or rectangles that make up your yard.

As you sketch your property, remember to remove areas that do not require any sod. This includes sheds, gardens, sidewalks, stone areas, creeks, patios, decks, and the house itself. Of course, if you have questions or concerns during this process, you should reach out to a professional to help you.

Calculate the Number of Square Feet Needed

Once you have completed the measurements, the next step is to calculate the square footage of grass you need. For example, if you have an area in your yard that is 10 feet by 10 feet, then this area requires 100 square feet of grass. You should repeat this for every area in your yard and total up the square footage. 

Grass and sod are usually sold in square yards. Therefore, you need to divide your square feet by nine to get the total number of square yards required. 

If you have round or triangular areas in your yard, you can use geometric formulas to calculate the square footage; however, you need to make sure you do this properly. There are professionals who can help you if you have questions. 

Take Care of Your Grass

Once you determine how much grass you need, you need to take care of it. That way, you do not have to order more grass down the road. Talk to professionals about what you need to do to take care of your grass. Example questions include: 

  • - How much sunlight does the grass require?

  • - How often does the grass need to be watered?

  • - Does the grass need to be aerated from time to time?

  • - Does the grass require any fertilizer? If so, what is the composition of the fertilizer?

If you take care of your grass properly, it should look green throughout the entire year. This can help you bring your entire landscape together while also increasing your property values. Reach out to a professional to learn more about calculating how much grass you need. 

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Did you order sod for your landscape? If so, choosing the right sod is only half the equation. You also need to install your sod. Even though you may think you can do this yourself, it's always better to rely on a professional. How long does it take to install sod? Several factors play a role in the installation process.

How Much Sod Do You Have?

Of course, the most significant factor that plays a role in how long it takes to install your sod is the square footage you purchased. In general, it takes one to two people about 1 hour to install 600 square feet of sod. One pallet is approximately 600 square feet, so count the pallets you have. If you have lots of pallets, you should hire a large team to install them simultaneously. Professional landscapers can ensure that pallets line up appropriately during installation - one less grueling process that you have to do.

How Hard Is the Sod To Cut?

Several other factors also play a role in sod installation. You might have to cut the sod to get it to fit in specific dimensions, such as an arch or awkwardly shaped areas. Some types of sod are harder to cut than others. Make sure the professional team you work with has the right tools to cut the sod. If you don't use the right tools, it will take longer to finish the job.

Work With a Professional Team

It shouldn't take too long to install your sod after you have it. If you ordered a large amount, you should hire a larger team. When the installation job is finished, talk to the experts about how to take care of your sod. Even though sod is part of the ground, you still want to get as many years of use out of it as possible for your property's landscape.

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