Soil Prep Blecavator

Soil Prep, Blecavator

A Toro Dingo reverse till soil cultivator is used to prepare the soil before sodding.

Green Valley Turf Co. offers deep reverse till services for the golf and sports industry professionals. Utilizing our 10’ wide reverse till Blecavator powered by a 165 HP tractor, we can make quick work of sports fields and golf course projects. Capable of pulverizing and loosening soils to a depth of 10”, this is ideal for incorporating materials, blending soils that have layering interfaces, or preparing soils for sodding. Our Blec service is also the best way to till existing sod into the soil profile to increase organic matter to the root zone.

For smaller areas, edges and areas less than 10’ wide, we use a reverse till Toro soil cultivator. This machine pulverizes the soil as well. We also can bring in and spread amendments or will utilize on site material. Call the experts at Green Valley Turf Co. to see how this service can be utilized at your facility.


Driving ranges tees, sports fields, baseball fields