Sod Removal

Sod Removal

Sod removal golf small rolls

To remove sod prior to renovating sports surfaces, we use big roll sod cutters and hand sod cutters to clear old turf. This is a very efficient way to remove sod and insures a clean and very consistent depth of cut. When removing sod with a big roll cutter, we can inject net to hold damaged and weak turf together. The old turf is cut into big rolls, wrapped with net, forked out of the area and hauled off. All scraps and any ribbons are cleaned up and removed leaving a clean surface. This process does not rut the grade and minimizes compaction due to our floatation sod harvesters.

If you have turf that you want to re-use or is not available like poa greens sod or old fairway blends, we can harvest your sod and reinstall it on site. We need to look at the area and condition of the turf to insure we can make this on option.

Bare soil is left after harvesting big roll sod off a sports field prior to renovation.


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