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Driving Range Renovation

Driving Range Renovation


We can renovate driving range tees quickly and efficiently. Sod is typically removed using a big roll sod harvester. If existing sod is minimal, we can incorporate turf into the existing root zone using our reverse till blecavator. Prior to cultivation with the blecavator, soil amendments can be added and tilled to a desired depth. Next, we grade or laser grade to ensure the tee surface is properly prepared and void of any imperfections.

Once the tee surface is finalized, starter fertilizer is applied and big roll sod is installed using our specialized equipment. Typically, our GVT Short Cut Blue sod mowed at ½” HOC is used to create a durable surface and root zone that holds up to divots better that ryegrass. This sod is also very dark in color and blends well with perennial ryegrass divot seeding.

A driving range tee being laser graded in Highlands Ranch, CO prior to sodding.