We install Big Rolls on lawns so you have 80% fewer seams and can enjoy your lawn fast.

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Sod Installation

Back Yard Renovation 2
Back Yard Renovation 2
For lawns with an 8 foot access, we install “Big Rolls”. They’re 4' wide and 80’ long with 80% fewer seams. If we do not have an 8’ access, we install our slabs. Our professional sod installation includes sod, delivery, installation, an application of our 20-20-10 + iron fertilizer, rolling, and complete clean up. We have our own sod installation crews and do not use subcontractors. We are also fully insured. We also do soil prep, grading, and tear out for an extra fee. An additional charge will be applied for hand carry if the area is not accessible by forklift. Give us a call and we will come look at your lawn and give you a free estimate in writing and see if big rolls are an option. 

Big Roll Sod

Back Yard Renovation 1
Back Yard Renovation 1
Big Roll Sod is a more modern way to harvest sod into bigger pieces. We cut these big rolls 4’ wide by 80’ long. When we install these rolls, you end up with a lot less seams in you new lawn. This allows you to start enjoying your new lawn even faster than with traditional sized sod. The sod stays put in place better than standard size sod and you can start to enjoy your lawn quicker. We have developed a specialized sod installer for these rolls that weight about 1,800 lbs. If we have a good 8’ access, we will install big rolls at you home. Please call for a free estimate and allow 7-14 days for scheduling.

Tear Out, Soil Prep and Grading

Big Roll Sod Front Yard
Big Roll Sod Front Yard
We work on all size yards and projects. We offer tear out and haul off services if your project needs it. We use Premium 3® compost on all soil preps that include rototilling. We also offer fine grading services and can patch into existing turf areas. contact us for more information or use our Sod Installation Estimate form.


Big Roll Back Yard Fast!

  • What a team. I was overwhelmed when the trucks pulled up and the equipment was unloaded. All the men worked so efficiently doing their jobs. I’m so happy to have the sod on my front lawn. I can’t thank you enough.  - Bunny D.

  • The entire crew were friendly, professional, and a first rate job. The staff was extremely helpful in discussing the RTF sod with me. The lawn looks great and I would recommend your company to anyone who has the need of your services  - Roger R.

  • The personnel were excellent. The deliveries were in the set time limits. The sod seemed to be in very good shape. It was laid the same day as delivery.  - Marvin S.

  • Great customer service. Friendly. Refreshing for a change.  - A Beautiful Home—Jason H.

  • Great customer service! Very pleasant and great to work with.  - Alexis P.

  • They were here when they said they would. Easy to work with & I like their work.  - Thomas B.

  • I am happy with the sod. The workers did a great job installing the sod – they were courteous and were expedient.    - Helen K.

  • Customer service is awesome!  - The Greener Side—Dave C.

  • 5 Stars Very friendly. Good customer service.  - Arnold I.

  • 5 Stars Great sod, delivered on time, unbeatable, fair price. Thanks a lot for making a tough job easier.  - Jim K.

  • 5 Stars Thermal Blue sod installed 3-4 years ago in my very sunny backyard. It has done very well and looks great—it loves lots of sun as you advertised.   - Kim T.

  • 5 Stars 2 thumbs up!  - Dennis O.

  • 5 Stars Timely, quick, professional! Great Job  - Kris J.

  • 5 Stars Great crew and job – Thank you  - Jeff D.

  • 5 Stars We really appreciate scheduling flexibility, value, and efficient installation. Your crew was finished laying our sod in record time, and three weeks later the yard is green, lush, and without visible seems already. Thanks.  - William A.

  • 5 Stars "Everyone was great. Thanks."  - Ron P.

  • 5 Stars Love your facility. Product rocks!  - Kevin H.

  • 5 Stars—I would give you a higher rating if you had it available Your staff is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Clean, organized operation. Love it and my yard too!  - Debra B.

  • I would like to let you know that my husband and I greatly appreciated the quick, professional, and problem–free installation of our grass-sod! Working with your company was a pleasure from the beginning to the end! The ladies at the front desk were very informative and will get whomever you need to speak with. The office staff never got tired of all of my many questions. The crew was fantastic! I give them an A++++. They were very methodical and organized. Much care was given to each individual piece of sod. The sod was cut correctly and enough dirt was placed. The entire crew worked very hard and the end result was gorgeous!!!!" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  - Susan and Ralph

  • 5 Stars The sod I received was exceptionally healthy, green, and weed free. The service was number one as always.  - Jim N., Integrity Landscape

  • Thank You! So far so good. The underside of the sod is thick with zillions of thin white roots. Love the look of the grass and doing business with you was both a pleasure and professional. (RTF Sod Install)  - Sincerely, Ruth Ann

  • Wonderful Sod Great quality, great people, great experience. Will be using them in the future!  - Anonymous

  • AA+ I'm glad I drove extra 5 miles to buy sod from here!! I drove additional 5 miles to get here from other places that sell sod - it was worth the drive! Everyone was very helpful and the sod quality was MUCH better than the ones I bought elsewhere!  - Anonymous

Back Yard Renovation 2


Back Yard Renovation 1


Big Roll Sod Front Yard


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