• Super Crop 20-20-10 lawn fertilizer 50 lbs. bag

Super Crop 20-20-10 Lawn Fertilizer

Super Crop 20-20-10 is a fast acting balanced fertilizer containing no fe (iron).  Blended to provide ample amounts of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, Super Crop is the professional’s choice to push growth when additional fe (iron) is not required.

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Fast acting Super Crop 20-20-10 is blended with all the primary nutrients needed to jump start your lawn.  Super Crop is formulated with 20% soluble Urea nitrogen for growth and color, 20% phosphate for root growth and seedling establishment, and 10% soluble potash that helps fight disease and drought stress.  Super crop is blended without fe (iron),  making it a cost effective fertilizer for seedling establishment and lawns where growth and rapid recovery is paramount.   


50 lb bag - covers up to 6,500 square feet

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