Revive Organic Soil Treatment liquid

Improves water pentration in to Colorado soils. Revive is an organic soil treatment and wetting agent for lawns and gardens.  

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Revive is an organic soil treatment and wetting agent for lawns and gardens. A treatment of Revive improves water penetration into the soil. It was developed to help grow a thick, green lawn, even in times of restricted water use and drought. Revive improves water penetration into dry, hard-to-wet soils, it can even make water available to plant roots through mat and thatch. Revive also reduces water loss due to surface evaporation and run-off. Revive wets the soil uniformly to minimize dry spots (brown spots) in the lawn. Revive is for use on lawns, turf, around landscape plants and in gardens and flower beds. The application can begin as soon as the frost is out of the ground or any time during the growing season.

Revive helps with the following

  • Conserves water during times of drought, severe heat and watering restrictions by wetting the soil deeper allowing your lawn to store more water between irrigations.
  • Makes better use of water as it penetrates deeper into the soil, reduces evaporation, and runs less off slopes.
  • Moves fertilizer deeper into the roots while providing supplemental iron.
  • Assists in breaking up and loosening compacted soil by promoting root activity.
  • Helps to eliminate dry brown spots and turn lawns green.

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