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Harvest Options

Harvest Options


We harvest big roll sod in solid widths of 40”, 42” and 48” and variable lengths from 30’ to 100’. Most of our big rolls are wrapped with sod net to aid in transport. This net is removed while the sod is installed. Palletized sod is harvested in 21” x 41” slabs stacked flat on a pallet. Each pallets contains 70 slabs which will cover 420 sq.ft.. This is a great size to handle by hand and weighs 30 lbs. to 40 lbs. per slab. Bentgrass sod and custom grown sod that is produced on plastic can be harvested in wider widths.

Thick Cut Sod

We can custom cut all of our big roll sod up to 1 ½” deep which helps the sod stay in place when games need to be played shortly after sod installation. Give us a call to discuss any of our harvest options or special requests.