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Big Roll Sports Field Installation

Big Roll Sports Field Installation


Green Valley Turf Co. has years of experience installing sod on sports fields and sand based fields. We developed big roll installation machines that do not rut properly prepared soil and excel on sand based systems. During the sod installation process, we patch and clean as we go so water can be quickly applied. Our large crews and machinery are capable of professionally installing a full size football field or baseball field in one day.

Full floatation sod installation equipment is used to roll out big roll sod. We pull and push the big rolls into place to ensure the seams are packed tightly together. Sod is shuttled on to the field with flotation forklifts so we do not damage or disturb the grade. We work closely with the customer during the installation process to insure all expectations are met.

Overhead view of Sky Sox baseball field big roll sod installation at night.