• What is your return policy on sod?

    Sod that has left our yard or been dropped delivered can not be returned.

    Sod that has been paid for but not picked up can be returned.


  • What is the best way to seed?

    Seed needs to be buried ¼” in the ground to germinate. Soften up the soil by tilling or raking. Seed and rake into the soil. If you are over seeding, core aerate heavy, seed and drag the plugs around with a mat or use a rake to cover the seed in the holes.


  • What is the best grass for dogs?

    Bluegrass handles the most wear and recovers the quickest from heavy use by pets. RTF® Water Saver has a tougher blade and is very resistant to dog urine burns and dog spots.

  • What soil prep is recommended before laying sod?

    Till in 3 to 5 yards compost per 1,000 sq.ft. Firm up the soil by raking and walking on it. Water in sprinkler trenches to settle. Rake the soil smooth and fill in low spots. The sod will follow the soil so prepare the grade how you want the yard to be.

  • What is a slab?

    A piece of sod (21" x 41" - 6 sq feet) stack flat on a pallet.