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Gray Snow Mold

Now that the snow has melted from north facing areas, we are seeing gray snow mold. These matted areas occur when your grass is covered with snow for prolonged periods of time and temperatures are slightly below freezing.

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Sodding in the Winter

Yes, you can sod in the winter! Dormant sod roots slowly this time of year but once the temperatures warm up, the grass will take off. So, cover up that dirt and get a jump on establishing a new lawn.

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GreenCo Person of the Year

JR “Rusty” Wilkins II, owner and co-founder of Green Valley Turf Co is the GreenCo (Green Industries of Colorado) Person of the Year. Rusty and father-in-law K.C. Ensor started Green Valley Turf Co. in 1962. Mr.

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Control The Vole

If you are seeing strange patterns in your snow covered lawn or discovered tunnels through your grass blades, you may have Voles. Voles or Meadow Voles live along the Front Range and are a small mouse-like creature, 3 to 8 inches long.

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Brown Spots?

One of the most common problems we see in lawns during the heat of the summer are brown spots. Most of the time, these mysterious spots appear due to a lack of water.

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Mushrooms & Your Lawn

Mushrooms in your Lawn? Don’t panic. We are getting a break from the hot and sunny weather with monsoonal thunderstorms. The cloudy cooler weather and rain is bringing on mushrooms in turf areas.

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Dandelion Time

Dandelions and other broad leaf weeds are in full bloom this spring. When we see these colorful yellow weeds all over the place, we know summer is just around the corner. Ground temperatures are warming up and there is enough moisture in the ground

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Spring Feed N-P-K

Lawns in Denver are starting to green up and if you have not fertilized your yard, it’s time. After winter dormancy and a dry winter, your yard may be hungry. Fertilizer is food for your lawn and the last time it had any nutrition was probably last fall.

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Pull Some Plugs

Spring has hit the Denver metro area and it is time to aerate your lawn. Core aeration is a great spring practice for many reasons. Aeration opens up the ground and allows air to get into the root system. Your lawn and soil need air to stay healthy and thrive.

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Spring Into Irrigation

It is time to fire up your sprinkler system. With temperatures in the 60’s and high winds in the Denver area, lawns, plants and trees are drying out. Even though there is a chance it could snow, temperatures typically will not get cold enough to damage your sprinkler system.

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