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RTF® Water Saver sod at the Centennial Colorado IKEA

RTF® Water Saver Sod

RTF® Water Saver Tall Fescue is an exciting new self-repairing grass.  RTF stands for “Rhizomatous Tall Fescue.”  Rhizomes are underground plant structures that cause the grass to spread and fill in weak or damaged areas.  The rhizomes in RTF are similar to the runn

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Adaptable to a wide range of climatic regions, Thermal Blue performs well from northern climates to the southern transitional zone.

Thermal Blue Texas Hybrid

Thermal Blue is a hybridized bluegrass that combines the turf quality characteristics of Kentucky bluegrass and the drought tolerance of Texas bluegrass.  The strong spreading rhizomatous nature of this grass provides accelerated recovery from extreme heat and drought situations.  Rhizo

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Colorado Blue™ Kentucky bluegrass forms a dense, dark green sod with a fine leaf texture.

Colorado Blue™ Kentucky Bluegrass

Colorado Blue™ is a drought tolerant blend of elite Kentucky bluegrasses that is a dense, fine textured turf. Kentucky bluegrass is a cool season grass that is well adapted to northern climates.  Green Valley Turf Co.

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Dog spots are created by the high concentrations of nitrogen present in the ammonia component of your dog’s urine.

Dog Gone Dog Spots

No more of those pesky dog spots! Are you a proud owner of a furry friend? Then, you may be noticing some brown spots forming in your lawn where your dog likes to relieve itself.

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Save Water, Soil Prep

Soil preparation or soil amendment is the most important step in growing a healthy lawn. Without the proper conditions in place, even the finest sod will have a tough time establishing a good root system.

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Rain and snow has a lower pH and makes it easier for your grass to get the nutrients it needs from lawn fertilizer.

Dinner and a Drink, (fertilizer + precipitation)

Even plants deserve a special treat every now and then; indulge your lawn to a night out on the town by fertilizing right before a rain or snow storm!

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Growing Roots this Spring

Underneath the radiant green of your lawn lies a thriving ecosystem of its own teeming with life, the root system!

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Control Spring Crabgrass

Pre-emergent herbicides can be useful in maintaining a healthy lawn.  Herbicides can be categorized as either pre-emergent or post emergent.  Post emergent herbicides are applied to the foliage of weeds that are already growing and are visible in your l

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Thanks for the Snow

The last two weeks of February have finally ushered in snow along the Front Range; you remember the white stuff.

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Don’t worry about snow or freezing temperatures when sodding in the spring.

Spring Sodding

Spring is a terrific time to sod! Beat the summer heat and install sod now when the temperatures are cooler. In spring, the root systems of Bluegrass and other cool season grasses will come alive and will root quickly.

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