Wet Spring Lawn Care

Water sits on a Denver lawn after heavy rain.

This spring in Colorado has brought record rainfall and cool temperatures, making spring lawn care a little bit trickier. The first thing to do is turn off your sprinklers! With all this natural moisture, there’s no need to water. In fact, it can lead to other problems with your grass.

 With all this wet, cool weather, mowing may seem like a hassle, but mowing is actually exactly what you need to do! When it’s wet your grass grows tall very quickly. However, your lawn is healthiest when it’s shorter so make sure to mow it down. Wait for a break in the rain and give it a go. Raise your mower up so will only mow off a third of the grass blades. If you cut too much off at a time it will shock the grass. For especially tall lawns you should mow about every 2 to 3 days, again cutting off about a third of the length of the grass blades until it stand about 2-3 inches tall.

 After mowing, make sure that all the excess clippings get raked off of the lawn. Those lawn clippings can end up smothering the grass, or add to the thatch layer (the organic matter at the bottom of the grass leaf before the dirt and roots start). If the hatch layer gets too thick, it can end up blocking water and air movement to the roots and lead to excess water runoff.

By keeping your lawn shorter it helps encourage the grass to grow in thicker instead of tall and stringy. By keeping your lawn mowed down during this wet, cool spring, it will help your lawn stay healthy in the dryer months to come!

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