Soak & Spray Lawn Watering

Soak and spray lawn watering is effective because it lets water filter into your lawn.

Watering in small cycles

In the heat of the summer, watering can sometimes feel like a fruitless endeavor. Lawns are dry, and watering may not seem to be helping. If you have spray or pop-up sprinkler heads, then this could be the answer. Soak and spray means watering in smaller intervals over a longer period of time rather than one full watering all at once. So, for example, if you normally water your lawn for about 15 minutes straight, using the soak and spray method, you would water 5 minutes, then wait for a bit and repeat that 2 more times. Your lawn still gets the same amount of water, but giving it a break in between is one of the best things you can do for your lawn.

Let the water soak into the lawn

The soak and spray method is so effective because it gives the water time to sink into the ground instead of collecting on the surface and causing runoff. Water can only percolate through the soil at a rate of about 0.2 inches per hour, which is why it seems like your yard isn’t getting watered enough. When most of the water isn’t even going into the soil, it definitely isn’t going to keep your lawn green. Using the soak and spray method also promotes deeper roots for your lawn. When the water is able to get deeper into the ground, this makes the grass grow a deeper root system. Another advantage of a deeper root system is that it will ultimately save water as well. When the grass can access water from deeper in the ground, it can pull more water from a larger area and you waterless. .

How much water do I need

Water in the evening

Another important aspect of the soak and spray method is to make sure that your sprinklers are running well and are spraying where you want them. Remember to only water in the late evening or early morning. Watering during the hot daylight hours can cause up to 30% of the water to evaporate before it even reaches the ground. So watering when it’s much cooler allows more water to actually reach the ground.

By maintaining your sprinkler health and keeping your lawn well-watered, you can help establish a healthy lawn. If you’ve been struggling yo keep your grass green this summer, the soak and spray method will be just the right thing to make your yard green and beautiful. 

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