Legacy® Buffalograss Sod

Legacy is a second generation turf-type buffalograss that forms a moderately dense stand of turf.

A slow growing grass

Buffalograss (Buchloe dactyloides) is a warm season grass that is native to Colorado.  Uniquely adapted to our semi-arid climate, buffalograss performs well at elevations up to 6,500 feet. In Colorado, buffalograss begins to green up around May.  The peak growing season is during the heat of the summer, and fall dormancy is initiated with frost typically during the month of September. Buffalograss has a slow, vertical growth that reaches a maximum height of about 6 inches. Because of this, Legacy does not require a set mowing schedule. If you’re looking for a more natural look, Legacy can be left un-mowed without ever looking matted or neglected. However, a more manicured look can be achieved by mowing every 2 weeks at a mowing height of 2 inches. The unique characteristics of Buffalograss led to extensive research at the University of Nebraska to develop varieties for commercial production that contained the same traits that attracted people to buffalograss initially. The Legacy variety of buffalograss originated from Nebraska’s research and won the "Green Thumb" award in 2001 for the top new plant introduction of the year.

Requires substantially less water and mowing

Legacy is a second generation turf-type buffalograss that forms a moderately dense stand of turf. The vegetatively propagated all-female grass has very few seed and pollen heads and is only available in plugs or sod. Legacy has a soft and narrow blade, making it ideal for lawns. Legacy requires substantially less water than other sod forming grasses, thriving on only ¼ an inch of water per week. Once established, there can be up to an 80% reduction of water requirements compared with traditional cool season lawn grass. Be sure not to over water established buffalograss since it encourages weed invasion and makes the grass less aggressive. Legacy buffalograss spreads through stolons, which are above ground lateral runners that allow the grass to fill in bare areas. There are low fertility requirements, needing only ½ lbs to 2 lbs of nitrogen per year, applied in May and July. Buffalograss needs full sun to really thrive.

Turf-type Buffalograss sod

Legacy is in a league of its own when it comes to efficient water use and low irrigation requirements. Properly established and maintained Legacy buffalograss will form a beautiful and quality sage-green sod lawn with far less effort than other traditional cool season grasses.

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