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Legacy® Buffalograss has a fine textured leaf blade and a sage green color.

Legacy® Buffalograss Sod

Buffalograss (Buchloe dactyloides) is a warm season grass that is native to Colorado.  Uniquely adapted to our semi-arid climate, buffalograss performs well at elevations up to 6,500 feet.

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RTF® Water Saver sod at the Centennial Colorado IKEA

RTF® Water Saver Sod

RTF® Water Saver Tall Fescue is an exciting new self-repairing grass.  RTF stands for “Rhizomatous Tall Fescue.”  Rhizomes are underground plant structures that cause the grass to spread and fill in weak or damaged areas.  The rhizomes in RTF are similar to the runn

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Adaptable to a wide range of climatic regions, Thermal Blue performs well from northern climates to the southern transitional zone.

Thermal Blue Texas Hybrid

Thermal Blue is a hybridized bluegrass that combines the turf quality characteristics of Kentucky bluegrass and the drought tolerance of Texas bluegrass.  The strong spreading rhizomatous nature of this grass provides accelerated recovery from extreme heat and drought situations.  Rhizo

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Colorado Blue™ Kentucky bluegrass forms a dense, dark green sod with a fine leaf texture.

Colorado Blue™ Kentucky Bluegrass

Colorado Blue™ is a drought tolerant blend of elite Kentucky bluegrasses that is a dense, fine textured turf. Kentucky bluegrass is a cool season grass that is well adapted to northern climates.  Green Valley Turf Co.

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