A dew drop on a blade of Kentucky Bluegrass in Colorado.

Different Grasses for Colorado Lawns

April 13, 2018// Joe Wilkins III
Legacy is a second generation turf-type buffalograss that forms a moderately dense stand of turf.

Legacy® Buffalograss Sod

May 30, 2014// Bruce Scott
RTF® Water Saver sod is a self-repairing rhizomatous tall fescue that has a deep root system for increased water savings.

RTF® Water Saver Sod

March 14, 2014// Bruce Scott
SPF30 is a hybridized bluegrass that combines the turf quality characteristics of Kentucky bluegrass and the drought tolerance of Texas bluegrass.

SPF30 Texas Hybrid Sod

February 16, 2014// Bruce Scott
Colorado Blue™ is a drought tolerant blend of elite Kentucky bluegrasses that is a fine textured and very dense turf.

Colorado Blue™ Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

January 15, 2014// Bruce Scott