The surface temperature of an artificial turf field is 170 degrees on sunny Colorado day.

Debunking Myths Around Artificial Turf

March 28, 2020// Emery Wilkins
Green Valley Turf Co. is open for business.

An update on COVID-19 from Green Valley Turf Co.

March 23, 2020// Joe Wilkins III
Lawns help combat the heat island effect and helps keep your home cooler in the summer.

5 Reasons Lawns are Beneficial For the Environment

April 19, 2019// Emery Wilkins
A dew drop on a blade of Kentucky Bluegrass in Colorado.

Different Grasses for Colorado Lawns

April 13, 2018// Joe Wilkins III
MP rotator sprinkler nozzles are 30% increased efficiency over sprays nozzles.

Smart Irrigation

July 22, 2016// Emery Wilkins
Rusty Wilkins, owner and founder of Green Valley Turf Co is the GreenCo Person of the Year for 2012.

GreenCo Person of the Year

February 7, 2012// Joe Wilkins III