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Two rain gauges rest in Kentucky Bluegrass. One in a greener portion of lawn and the other in a brown spot.

The Cup Test

If you’ve been noticing brown spots, or generally want to make sure your sprinkler system is running efficiently, a great way to do that is with the cup test!

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A butterfly rests in green Kentucky Bluegrass

4 Steps to Success With Your Spring Lawn

Happy Spring! The sun is starting to come out, everything is beginning to green up, and we’re starting to get those beautiful fleeting days of perfect weather -- in between the record breaking blizzards of course!

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30% increased efficiency over sprays nozzles, the MP Rotator.

Smart Irrigation

July is Smart Irrigation Month. One of the key parts of saving water is to have a water efficient sprinkler system. To celebrate Smart Irrigation Month, we switched out our spray head nozzles for MP Rotators.

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By paying close attention to the way the snow melts in your yard, you can easily see what areas are prone to drying out first and find heat sinks.

Heat Sinks and Your Lawn

Winter is a great time to get to know the different areas of your lawn. By using the winter weather, you can see if your lawn has heat sinks, areas in your yard that tend to be hotter than the rest.

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 New sod needs to be watered when the blades of the grass turn brown.

Brown Spots in New Sod

As the cooler spring days fade into the heat of summer, a lot of new lawns have been plagued with brown spots. However, there is no need to worry as these can easily be fixed. Typically, brown spots are caused by a lack of watering.

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Wild rabbits and bunnies love to eat grass from your lawn.

Rabbit Damage in Your Lawn

This year, the rabbit population seems to be running rampant! It could be due to the extra precipitation we’ve been having that leads to there being more food for them to eat. If their food is abundant then the number of litters will increase.

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Dog spots are created by the high concentrations of nitrogen present in the ammonia component of your dog’s urine.

Dog Gone Dog Spots

No more of those pesky dog spots! Are you a proud owner of a furry friend? Then, you may be noticing some brown spots forming in your lawn where your dog likes to relieve itself.

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Save Water, Soil Prep

Soil preparation or soil amendment is the most important step in growing a healthy lawn. Without the proper conditions in place, even the finest sod will have a tough time establishing a good root system.

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Rain and snow has a lower pH and makes it easier for your grass to get the nutrients it needs from lawn fertilizer.

Dinner and a Drink, (fertilizer + precipitation)

Even plants deserve a special treat every now and then; indulge your lawn to a night out on the town by fertilizing right before a rain or snow storm!

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Control Spring Crabgrass

Pre-emergent herbicides can be useful in maintaining a healthy lawn.  Herbicides can be categorized as either pre-emergent or post emergent.  Post emergent herbicides are applied to the foliage of weeds that are already growing and are visible in your l

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