Do It Yourself

Electric mowers require significantly less maintenance in comparison with gas mowers.

Making the Switch to an Electric Lawn Mower

May 10, 2020// Emery Wilkins
Lawn mowing in the spring plays a vital role in creating a healthy and productive growing season.

Mowing Your Lawn In Spring

April 11, 2020// Joe Wilkins III
A Firefly automated sod harvest cuts sod in the winter snow in Platteville, Colorado in January, 2020.

Sodding In The Winter

February 28, 2020// Emery Wilkins
Rain gauges are the best way to test your sprinkler system.

The Cup Test

May 7, 2019// Emery Wilkins
Aeration is an important part of spring lawn maintenance because it opens up the soil and reduces thatch.

Four Steps to Success With Your Spring Lawn

April 10, 2019// Emery Wilkins
Keep your lawn mowed down during cool, wet spring weather.

Wet Spring Lawn Care

May 22, 2015// Emery Wilkins
Brown spots in new sod is very common due to lack of water.

Brown Spots in New Sod

July 14, 2014// Emery Wilkins
Rabbit damage can create big problems for yards.

Rabbit Damage in Your Lawn

June 5, 2014// Emery Wilkins
Blue heelers love to resting on bluegrass lawns. High concentrations of nitrogen present in the ammonia component of your dog’s urine damages your lawn and create dog spots.

Dog Gone Dog Spots

August 30, 2013// Joe Wilkins III
Soil preparation is the best way to use less water in your lawn before sodding.

Save Water, Soil Prep

May 18, 2013// Joe Wilkins III
Rain and snow have a lower pH and makes it easier for your lawn to get the nutrients it needs from fertilizer.

Dinner and a Drink, (fertilizer + precipitation)

April 23, 2013// Joe Wilkins III
Combat grassy weeds in your yard with a spring application of pre-emergent herbicides.

Control Spring Crabgrass

March 25, 2013// Bruce Scott
Spring is the best time to sod because the root systems of grasses start growing activity.

Spring Sodding

May 2, 2012// Joe Wilkins III
Dormant sod roots slowly over the winter.

Sodding in the Winter

February 21, 2012// Joe Wilkins III
Brown spots appear in newly sodded yards due to a lack of water.

Brown Spots?

August 1, 2011// Joe Wilkins III
Dandelions and other broad leaf weeds are in full bloom in spring due to warmer soil temperatures.

Dandelion Time

May 16, 2011// Joe Wilkins III
Core aeration opens up the ground and allows air to get into the root system of your lawn.

Pull Some Plugs

April 11, 2011// Joe Wilkins III
Check your sprinklers heads when you turn on you sprinkler system in the spring.

Spring Into Irrigation

April 1, 2011// Joe Wilkins III